Product can stimulate certain phenological stages such as flowering and the allegation and fruit growth. Its particular composition allows to reduce the inconveniences caused by biotic and abiotic stresses favoring numerous physiological processes such as protein synthesis and photosynthesis.

Thanks to its particular composition and the richness in natural substances that promote the hormonal synthesis the formulation is able to foster the balanced vegetative development of crops. The addition of chelated micronutrients prevents the occurrence of microdeficiencies improving plant resistance to thermal shock. ROOTSTART, consequently, is able to raise the plant metabolism by placing the plant in the best conditions of development and production.

Thanks to its special composition in trace elements chelated by EDTA the formulation improves the equilibrium state of the plant in the different phenological phases.

The formulation is characterized by the synergy between phosphorus, potassium, calcium and zinc. Phosphorus and potassium are essential for energy metabolism, root development, fruit set and the synthesis of reserve substances. Calcium and zinc instead promote an intensive stimulating action on cell multiplication by promoting the development of sprouts.

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