And 'Marches "group made ​​in Italy" fertilization

With the brands Concimer, Fertilia Solelios Biorgan and the group led by Gianni Chieti represents one of the most dynamic in the world of Italian fertilization

The history of thegianni chietiChieti Group has deep roots: it was 1969 when it all began with the old companies Agriculture and Conazoo Fides, years in which the productive potential was still limited and the sale PERFORMED on the farm, "door to door". 
A past of acquisitions, mergers, creation of new companies, integration of the supply chain (from raw material procurement, the sales network) to reach today to a group of four companies, each with its own specialization and an overall production that in 2011 exceeded 6 million kg in the context of "special products (fertigation, foliar)" and about 30 thousand tons in the context of formulated pellets (organic, organic minerals, corrective). Chieti da Gianni enters this world in 1984 and, like any good entrepreneur, guide and lives in the first person throughout the evolution of this microcosm. And it is he who explains the purpose of the four companies in its group. 
Nuova Concimer (brand Concimer) 
The leader is the New Concimer. Manages the brand Concimer and produces lines of organic fertilizer pellets, mistorganici, corrective as well as marketing the wide range of fertilizers suitable for fertigation and foliar treatments.
The whole production was born in the village of Rocchetta at the gates of San Severino Marche, an establishment with futuristic facilities and cutting-edge technological means. 
Built according to the rules governing the respect of environmental impact, the factory is situated in the street of the Potenza river, at the foot of Mount Penna.
The fertilizers are produced exclusively with manure from farms conducted according to strict principles of ethology and was the first company in Italy to produce fertilizers dehydrated with cold air blown at room temperature, after being subjected to a process of aerobic fermentation for a period ranging from 10 months to 18 months.
The particular type of pallet proceeds, representing the best guarantee of quality, it is soft to the touch, indicating that the product has not been worked with heat, if not that of his own fermentation, and has been produced without the use of chemical adhesives or ballast inorganic.
The product integrates rapidly with the ground and not washes, so that all the elements of fertility are totally available for crops.

Unionagri (marchio Fertilia)

Manages the brand Fertilia and produces fertilizers liquid and powder (also called "specialty fertilizer").
Fertilizers produced by Unionagri are divided into: foliar fertilizers, micronutrients single trace complex, sequestered iron fertilizer with macro and mesoelementi , targeted fertilizers, organic fertilizers, humic acids, adjuvants nutritional supplements based on algae, formulated to nutritional action and defense, irrigation water or liquid fertilizer to locate, irrigation water soluble powder, various products for special purposes.

Pab (marchio Biorgan)

The Pab is the group company that manages the brand Biorgan. It specializes in manufacturing and marketing of products for organic farming. <br> In particular, the line offers a catalog of Biorgan formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of woody plants, industrial crops and horticultural sector. 
The purity of raw materials ensures formulated readily and totally comparable for both foliar both by radical and include: simple and compound fertilizers in powder and liquid, meso and micro-individual and complex, sequestered iron, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, adjuvants nutrition with a strong bio-stimulating action, humic extracts, growth promoters, extracts of seaweed powder and liquid fertilizers targeted action.


Soilelios produces (and sells under the same brand) products intended for organic fertilization thanks to an organized structure that allows direct control of all phases of production, from raw materials to the processing and marketing of the finished product. 
Soilelios has a particularly rich catalog divided into two large families:
- fertilizer pellets
- specialty fertilizers.

The fertilizer pellets are produced exclusively with manure from farms inspected and the careful analysis of fermentation processes, starting from the early stages, it guarantees a constant quality of fertilizers obtained. 
Soilelios fertilizer pellets are dried with cold air blown in room temperature, after being subjected to a process of aerobic fermentation for a period ranging from 10 to 18 months.
The particular type of pellets derived, is the best guarantee of quality, it is soft to the touch (a sign that the product has not undergone working with heat sources), and is produced without the use of chemical adhesives or ballast inorganic.
The humified organic substance, the result of long fermentation process integrates rapidly with the ground and not washes, so that all the elements of fertility are, in time, totally available for crops.
The wide range of specialty fertilizers consists of foliar fertilizers, irrigation water, meso and micro elements, humic extracts and algae, organic supplements and bio-stimulants. 
Are similar for both foliar both by radical and allow you to integrate and enhance the fertilization traditional.



The specific techniques

The Group's products are characterized by a high technological content: according to Michael Caggiano, technical manager, one of the major characteristics of the formulated pellets is that the entire production process is designed to provide maximum benefit agronomic and microbiological testing for the farmer, just think of the manufacturing process of the organic substance that combines both a long fermentation stage is the "Pelletizing cold."
The only heat treatment suffered by the pellet Concimer is against Salmonella, while the extrusion of the pellets takes place with a cold process, after at least 10 months of fermentation of the organic substance. Michele caggiano 
This ensures the highest content of humus in the pellet and active microorganisms (especially bacteria responsible humification that remain alive in the pellet and are not "cooked" from the manufacturing process). 
"What ennobles the organic substance? The humus "- says Caggiano -.
And the humus is the result of the humification process of fermentation by microorganisms. Even the straw, leather, fleshing or other organic matrices can be very rich in organic substance ... but not of humus ".
The high content of humus in the pellet and microorganisms (thanks to the production technique adopted ) are clearly visible in the commercial product obtained: it is soft pellet, that flake with little moisture and are readily incorporated into the soil.


The group's future

According to Gianni Chieti in the future of the group there is a need to optimize resources and to unite the efforts of the four companies. Already in 2013 we expect the union of the four companies in a single production company, with one catalog and sales network unified and more branched.
And 'necessary in accordance with Chieti, achieve greater reach with the "farmers true ": agriculture can not and should not be an" after work "activities or hobbies: only serious farmers will be saved and will remain on the market. And the serious operators will be technically prepared and will give reason to those who produce and sells solutions that offer unique technical advantages.


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