The new company incorporates brands   Concimer, Fertilia, Soilelios e Biorgan: unique in the panorama fertilizer producers.

logo-choncimer-1000 modificatoE 'with effect from January the merger of the four companies belonging to the group designed and conducted by Gianni Chieti.
As mentioned in the newsletter Agronotizie No. 360 of September 2012, the company New Concimer, Unionagri, Soilelios and Pab with Concimer respective brands, Fertilia Soilelios and Biorgan were merged to form a new Company: Choncimer.
Several reasons that led to the merger. The key idea was the need to create a dynamic structure that enshrines the know-how, the peculiarities positive identities winning the marketing specifications and production dynamics of the four companies "parent." Did not want to create a new society but a "new society", a leader in the field of nutrition, better equipped for the challenges arising from globalization and agriculture in constant evolution.
Among the objectives was to to expand its product offering with access to the entire portfolio of four companies, to increase its presence on the territoriograzie the synergies arising from the substantial sales organization and the broad access to distribution in the Italian market and abroad.
Choncimer, synthesis of the synergies of the group, is unique in the panorama fertilizer producers as it is characterized by the production and the marketing of both fertilizer pellets, both for specialty fertilizers.
The production experience than half a century of the two production workshops (peculiarities Choncimer), the competence of technical assistance are qualified Choncimer of a dynamic, growing, projected towards a future in which agriculture will become more specialized and innovative.
The catalog formulated, the result of specific production Choncimer, is divided into two large families:
Pelleted: organic, organic minerals and corrective measures;
Special (liquid and soluble): infoliar supplements, irrigation water, elements and trace elements, humic extracts, organic supplements and bio-stimulants.

They are characterized by being totally assimilated both foliar both by radicalee allow you to integrate and enhance plant nutrition.
Choncimer born big to be competitive due to economies of scale and at the same time flexible, responsive and capable of ready decisionia following efficient organization.
The solidity of the company, arising from the autonomy and decision-making from a business strategy designed to reinvest profits in the company, allows you to reassure customers who are looking for a stable supplier year after year or a viable alternative and provides its employees by uncertainties.
Peculiarities Choncimer: inexhaustible passion for innovation and qualitàa all levels.
Choncimer born to serve agriculture that renews itself, who wants to produce excellence and quantitative and the environment with the best results in terms of profitability and that more and more endorses "the canons of entrepreneurship."